Human interaction is a bare necessity in life; it lowers stress levels, it decreases the risk of depression and anxiety, and it positively affects the endocrine-immune system. We could get all science-y and delve deep into the physiological benefits of human interaction, but if you’re reading this, chances are you’re not a monk living in isolation, so you’re already aware of why being around other people is good for you.

When you’re working from home though, human interaction can be scarce, and depending on what kind of freelancing work you do or what sort of small business you run, real human conversations can be few and far between. If that resonates with you, or you’ve recently named your indoor plants and have taken to speaking with them when you walk around the house in-between emails, it’s time to step away from the home office and explore co-working with human beings.

Alongside human interaction, the benefits of co-working include:

  • Socialising with real people in a supportive space, which eliminates the chances of cabin-fever and craziness.
  • Company and companionship, which reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Networking and business growth, because when you’re surrounded by like-minded people, the conversation flows, and conversations lead to opportunities.
  • Increased levels of productivity, because when you’re working in a professional environment without the distraction of the dishes and the washing, you focus more on the tasks at hand and you prioritise.
  • Yep – it’s true. Home-based workers and freelancers have higher rates of obesity because at home, you’re in your comfort zone, which means more frequent trips to the than you would ordinarily do at the office.
  • A professional space to step up your business, because co-working spaces offer private meeting rooms, boardrooms and areas suited to business meetings. Trust us; bringing a client to a meeting at the kitchen table doesn’t really say, ‘I’m serious about your business’.

There’s also good vibes, new faces, fun conversations and office parties when you’re co-working in a shared space, and who doesn’t love a good office party? All work and no play makes for a dull life, and life’s too short to be dull.

Siddharth Vadasseri
01:56 19 Jul 18
I've had the pleasure of working at Creative Cubes since it opened, and what I've loved most is that it isn't just desk space. Working here feels like being part of something. Every day you're surrounded by people pursuing their own endeavours, but doing it side by side in a community. The space itself is so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing, but beyond the beauty on the surface there is a depth here. The members are fantastic, the founders are involved and accessible, and the 'Happiness Team' provides a quality of customer service like no other co-working space I've been to. AND, it's pet friendly!
Judy Anderson
00:34 17 Jul 18
The 'Happiness Team' is what makes this co-working space stand out for me. I've worked out of several co-working spaces across Australia, Singapore & San Francisco. The customer experience at Creative Cubes is the best I've come across. For example, a happiness team member will physically walk to my desk to let me know when a guest has arrived, because they know I'm not always going to see the email notification. Sometimes they even buy me time if I'm running late! Brilliant.
Kristen Holden
02:32 17 Jul 18
The team at cubes are amazing and the space is modern and funky. They have a great mix of different businesses working in the space so the vibe is top notch as well. Would definitely recommend going down and taking a look for your office space or next event!
Lets Mingle
02:38 29 Jun 18
This is one of the best co-working spaces in Melbourne! Loved my time here. Great vibe, great people and great location. The happiness team go above and beyond to ensure the experience of rocking up to work is an enjoyable one! 5/5 from me!
nicole iglicki
00:26 17 Jul 18
Love this co working space.It offers both independent offices and or communal co-working space which is designed to collaborate with other members. It is decorated perfectly and the internet is fast! The Happiness Team also go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and will meet all your required needs.
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