Coworking spaces have evolved beyond trendy start-ups and freelancers, attracting a new clientele: remote employees seeking a break from working at home. As a proud member of an incredible team and community here at CreativeCubes.Co, I’ve witnessed the rising demand from all types of businesses and their varied reasons for wanting to join Cubes.

In this blog post, I’ll explore the essence of belonging and community within CreativeCubes.Co while explaining the reasons why working from home blurs the lines between work and personal life.

The Quest for Belonging and Community

Belonging is a fundamental human need, and this sentiment extends to our professional lives. As remote work became prevalent, many of us yearned for the camaraderie found in a vibrant office environment.

It’s not by chance that when we first established ourselves in 2017 off the back of working from spaces throughout the US for just shy of a decade that I understood the power of community and being surrounded by diverse professionals pursuing their passions. Plugging into the environment nurtured creativity and innovation. Unexpected collaborations and inspiring conversations were a common occurrence. Belonging was fundamental to our DNA and its propelled purpose and a shared mission that thousands engage in daily at our spaces.

The Blurred Lines: Home vs. Office

Working from home initially offers convenience, but it comes with challenges. The boundaries between work and personal life blurred, leading to work creeping into evenings and weekends. For me when I lived in Los Angeles, coworking spaces help restore work-life balance by providing a dedicated workspace away from home. I could clearly demarcate my work hours, fostering a healthier separation between professional and personal life. The coworking environment rekindled discipline and focus, lost amidst the comforts of home.

Something to really reflect on for yourself.

The Resilience of Office Spaces

Despite assumptions that remote work would render physical offices obsolete, the data paints a different picture but so does its role and physical proximity to home (live, work, play local).

My colleague Dr. Ben Hamer sums it up nicely in a blog he wrote on Australia’s Empty Offices. But further to what Ben has written, CreativeCubes.Co and other operators of  coworking spaces have revolutionised the traditional office landscape. 

We offer accessible, community-driven workspaces that cater to the evolving needs of modern professionals. The office is not dead; it has evolved into a flexible, convenient, team and community-oriented space.

At CreativeCubes.Co, we deliver more than just a workspace; We’ve built a vibrant community to deliver belonging that invigorates your professional journey. For some we provide a respite from the monotony of working from home and a sanctuary for others as a creativity and collaboration haven. 

As we navigate the ever-changing work landscape, the significance of community and belonging at the office has become increasingly evident but also rekindled the joy of working in the presence of like-minded individuals.


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