Meet the new faces on our Happiness Team!


Happiness Team Lead South Melbourne

Hello everyone!
My name is Kelly, I am so excited to join as the South Melbourne Happiness lead. I made the move to Melbourne last year after growing up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I love the beach, being in the sunshine and spending time with my friends and family. I love to socialize and am very excited to meet all of our members in South Melbourne so please come and say hello!


Happiness Team Carlton

Hey everyone!
I’m Myscha and I've recently joined the Happiness Team here at CreativeCubes.Co. Being creative runs through my veins; I sew, knit and crochet clothing and spend most of my free time doing all things arts and crafts with my little ones. I also enjoy dancing and anything food related. I’m always keen for a good chat and am super excited to meet you all, so if you’re ever in Carlton it’d be wonderful to get to know you!

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Well, if “me” is actually you  and you’re interested in helping deliver our mission to create happiness at work: where community is the heart, work life balance is a must, working with a world class team in amazingly designed workspaces is an every day thing, and furry companions are encouraged… Check out our current career opportunities!

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Do Your Thing…

Smarter and easier with the CreativeCubes.Co mobile app!

With access to meeting rooms and day offices across all our locations, you can check availability, manage existing bookings, make new bookings and pay invoices while you’re on the go, all with a few tip taps of your phone screen. CreativeCubes.Co is quite literally at your fingertips!

If you couldn’t tell from the spring in our text, we’re excited… download now and see just how easy it really is.


What’s On Inside The Cube

Hot Diggity, this summer has been a scorcher and it’s continuing to heat up well into the month of February thanks to CreativeCubes.Co events!
Check out what’s on and register your interest by logging in to your membership portal!
If you have any questions or even better, any cool event ideas you want to see rolled out within our Cube-munity, email
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Are you alt enough?

Are you alt enough?

It’s a simple question as we all seem to race for progress.

What more could you do to protect our planet?

Are you really looking after your health?

Have you really looked hard enough for better alternatives?

Looking for better is what drove h.alt to hemp -in seeds, powders and now, milk.

h.alt barista hemp milk is being hailed the new alt phenomenon, making the move from dairy easier than ever as it protects the planet and also saves your coffee ritual from the thin texture and overpowering taste other alt milks can have.

So for anyone who likes the idea of milk alternatives – but until now couldn’t accept any compromise to a coffee experience – try h.alt, now stocked at Timber+Greens.

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Health + Wellness Spotlight

It’s been a while and WFH can take its toll… it’s time for a vibe check.

Have you moved your bod today? Given your brain a breather? No? Sounds like you could do with a little help from our friends at FORME.

Bringing the yoga studio to wherever you are, we’re super excited to collaborate with FORME… bringing you a complimentary 45 minute chair yoga and meditation class to help you feel free in your body and peaceful in your mind, even if you’re short for time!

Fret not, you don’t need to have the bendiest bod to participate. Suitable for all fitness levels and hosted through Zoom, grab a chair and join FORME founder, Wallis Murphy-Munn for this 45 minute session on Wednesday, 23rd of February at 12:15pm.

C’mon, do something nice for you! Jump onto the members portal to register your interest.

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How to Successfully Pitch Your Business


Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been telling someone (a customer, a partner, an investor or whoever) what it is you do and you haven’t received the response you would like? This workshop is for you!

Join Phil Ore and Samantha Hurley to learn the six pillars that make a great pitch and how to weave that into a story to create active listeners from your audience. We’ll show you how to adapt your pitch for different audiences and formats, build confidence in front of audiences of any size and how to get results.

25eight have been delivering their impactful pitch training program to thousands of businesses, from startup to enterprises, over the last six years. Trusted by Austrade and Australian Defence Export Office to help businesses pitch in national and international markets, this workshop will help you leave with a better structure for your pitches.


Would you like to free up your business CASH FLOW?

BizPay is the #1 Buy Now, Pay Later solution for B2B transactions. If you’re invoicing, get immediate payment, no waiting or chasing. If you’re paying an invoice, spread the cost over 4 easy monthly instalments.

BizPay lets you keep more cash to better drive your business. It’s super easy to use:
Join in minutes
Get approved in 24 hours
No painful background checks.

CreativeCubes.Co members can now start enjoying smooth business payments with BizPay!

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