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CreativeCubes.Co hires Dr. Ben Hamer as Chief Futurist to establish new Future of Work Advisory Practice

Flex office & coworking operator CreativeCubes.Co, has made the bold move to expand their offering.Spearheading the new venture is Dr Ben Hamer, who has moved over from the role of Head of Future of Work at PwC Australia.

A certified Futurist and rated the Number 1 Voice for the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific region (Onalytica),Ben is also a Board Member at the Australian Human Resources Institute as well as being an Adjunct Professor ofPractice at Edith Cowan University.

“I’m super excited for what we’re building and for CreativeCubes.Co to back it. It’s the right time as organisations are increasingly looking for help to navigate a whole heap of complex challenges reshaping work, whether it be working from home, the impacts of ChatGPT, or navigating their people through the tough economic climate ahead” says Dr Hamer.

The practice will drive a strong Future of Work research agenda through podcasts, blogs, and white papers, as well as helping organisations to create Future of Work strategies and roadmaps.

“We’ve worked really hard to build a quality brand with incredible spaces and a solid community. With Dr Hamer on board, we don’t just live the future of work through cutting edge workplaces, but we shape it through our research and advisory capabilities” says Tobi Skovron, CEO of CreativeCubes.Co.

We’re currently experiencing change at the fastest rate of change in history. At the same time, we’re facing into some of the most challenging market conditions to operate a business in – while also figuring things out like hybrid working and the flexibility frontier, the impacts of generative AI, the re-skilling revolution, and a reframe around employee attraction and loyalty.

We’re moving at an unprecedented pace that we’re evolutionarily not equipped to deal with. And while that can paralyse some, sitting still is no longer an option and incremental step change just won’t cut it.

The most successful organisations and leaders are the ones that keep one eye on today and another on tomorrow. That’s where we come in.

With our guidance and leadership we’ll transform businesses, propelling them towards the extraordinary.

About Dr. Ben Hamer

Dr Ben Hamer is an accredited futurist, where he was recently awarded the number one thought leader for theFuture of Work in the Asia-Pacific. Ben has undertaken work and research around the world, including time spentleading critical projects on the future of work and skills at the World Economic Forum as well as being a VisitingScholar at Yale University. He is an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University and a Board Member for theAustralian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’shistory. A sought after media commentator, Ben is the host of PwC’s Future of Work podcast and the author ofThe Kickass Career: How to succeed in the Future of Work, today.

About CreativeCubes.Co

CreativeCubes.Co converts buildings into collaborative communities with culture, workspaces & services which provide a platform for all people to build their business. CreativeCubes.Co is the home of many recognisable global and national brands, in addition to thousands of startups, scale ups and SME’s that operate out of Cubes locations on daily, weekly, monthly and long-term basis. At the centre of everything that CreativeCubes.Co does is an unwavering focus on all people, underpinned by five pillars (Work Spaces + Events + Wellness + Fuel +Advisory) so they can stay focused on what they’re passionate about.

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