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CreativeCubes.Co is committed to finding ways to help our members find the right work-life balance, and to help you on your way we’ve arranged some free yoga at our Rebel Monk studio in Hawthorn!

From now on, all Full Members at CreativeCubes.Co can enjoy a CCC One membership, which lets you access one yoga class there each month - free of charge. And if that’s not enough yoga in your life, we’ve also arranged a seriously discounted CCC Limitless membership too.

To find out more about Rebel Monk yoga studio and how to claim your free membership, check out our CreativeCubes.Co Guide to Rebel Monk.

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MicDrop Community Events

July Events Calendar

We've got some really exciting events coming up this month, everything from the continuing Skills Seris to Wine and Cheese tastings. Our community drinks will also be alternating between Richmond and Hawthorn giving you more opportunities to network and meet new peeps.

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Timber+Greens News

Introducing Friday Pie Day!

Friday’s are associated with many things; above average moods, ‘knock off drinks’ and of course the casual dress code but Timber+Greens have come up with something better….

Introducing, PIE DAY FRIDAY! Happening every Friday in July at Timber+Greens Hawthorn.

Warm up with a juicy meat, succulent chicken or wholesome vegetable pie for the outrageously affordable price of *$2.75* each.

Check in with the Happiness Team on Friday morning to get your orders in!

Member Spotlight


A huge congratulations is due for Ben Campain of TAPSQUIRE who launched, hit and exceeded his funding goal of $20,000 in less than 6 hours!

Out of almost 30,000 fashion projects on Kickstarter, TAPSQUIRE now sits at #3 worldwide for most popular fashion.

Head to the link below to read how TAPSQUIRE came to be and show your support by backing 'The World's First Tap Card Wallet!'

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Member Spotlight

Sports Geek

Sports Geek is an online platform founded by Sean Callanan that covers all things sports related, from digital marketing, podcasts, workshops to social media training.

Sports Geek have recently launched yet another feature to their website, if you’re a Gravitas fan you can now become a Gravitas Foundation Member! If this is something that may interest you, you can check it out via the button below.

There are different memberships to choose from, all you need to do is pick which one is best for you! Each membership offers a variety of amazing benefits such as game day jerseys, access to private groups, game day passes and premium MEO tickets - just to name a few!

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Member Spotlight

Sports Where I Am

If you didn’t already know who Sports Where I am are, they were founded in 2012 by brothers Benn and Matt Scully. The whole idea stemmed from when they became frustrated after searching the web for sporting tickets. It was taking up too much time and when they eventually found the right tickets, they were overpriced and attached with unreliable information.

Thats when they decided to take matters into their own hands and create the online platform that is Sports Where I am. If you’re a sports fanatic you may want to jump onto their website via the button below.

Sports Where I am have recently launched a new feature on their already amazing website. You can now book a hotel alongside your ticket, creating the overall sporting experience.
They have made it easy for you, pick your tickets to the sporting event of your choice, then multiple options for hotels will be listed right in front of you!

One shopping cart means one transaction! Did I mention less transactions fees? Bonus!

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