An Exclusive Event, A 7’1 NBA Megastar, A Fireside Chat…
CreativeCubes.Co and The Hour Group presents


Exclusive to CreativeCubes.Co members, we have a limited number of seats available for an intimate fireside chat with basketball legend-turned-business mogul Shaquille O’Neal.

This opportunity is larger than life so be sure to keep up to date with more information as it slam dunks onto our socials here.

Cool? Cool.

And now a word from the big man himself…

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50 Crates Presents: Lectern Rock

The world’s first business and rock show, designed to shift your world view on what powerful brands need to be and help create businesses of lasting value through theatre and music.

Lectern Rock will help you to think like the Apples and Tesla’s of the world while connecting you to dozens of other business owners on a similar journey to yours.

Enjoy a fully catered show with other industry up and comers, learn what the best brands in the world do differently and network with others from the startup and small business ecosystem.

Who are we?
We’re 50 Crates – a small team of cultural anthropologists, creative storytellers and branding experts that focus on changing brand fortunes, working from the ground up. We believe that successful brands live and die on their relevance to the consumer, and great brands are able to weaponise truth to vault themselves into the stratosphere. The tools to build up brands and to create something of cultural relevance have been locked behind month long processes and thousands of dollars for too long, which is where we come in. We’re here to change the game for small business around Australia.

Join us on
21 July 2022
From 6.30pm
At Roxy’s South Melbourne

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