It’s the question on every employers lips at the moment: How can you encourage staff back to the office after what feels like an eternity of stay at home mandates? We’ve donned on our investigative journalistic hats and put together four tips to help you do just that!

1. Employees want access – Since the pandemic, there has been a dramatic shift in metrics of performance and employees are eager to return to a flexible space which affords the freedom, independence and individual privacy to carry out their work. Employers should consider offering a workplace their team can access outside of the usual 9-5, in addition to a diverse range of workspaces to utilise (more on that below 😉), in order to afford employees control over how, when and where they perform their responsibilities

2. Office Design matters –  After a good year or so of bedroom-boardroom meetings and Friday night drinks over Zoom, employees want the option to work in an atmosphere that suits their work style. A truly flexible workplace fuelling a positive employee experience will be one where there is a mix of functional clusters, open, collaborative workspaces with quiet corners, private rooms and designated areas of respite. Fortunately, at Cubes, we have all this and more 😉.

 3. Learning and upskilling is the new normal – With a rapid introduction to remote work, many employees found it to be a frustrating experience, particularly navigating new video conferencing platforms and workflow management apps. Such changes have sparked an appetite for learning and a desire to upskill that many employees wish to see continued.

 4. Create a culture based on connection, community and collaboration – Returning to work, community, connection and collaboration will be paramount to recovering from the effects of lockdowns and limits. Welcome staff back with meaningful contact, networking opportunities, events, mentorship to help them feel connected and supported.

Now is the time to think critically about the workplace and your employee’s needs so that they return to work with a spring in their step, ready to do their best work!x

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Free Coffee?!?

Two of our fave words are ‘free’ and ‘coffee’ and they’re not a common pairing.

That is until Wednesday, 16th of March. A day where Timber+Greens and h.alt, team up to do the unthinkable… offering FREE coffee using h.alt!

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Tomorrow Woman

International Women’s Day Gather

This International Women’s Day, Tomorrow Woman is getting women, and those who identify as women, together in a judgement-free space to take some time out + recalibrate our collective femininity.

Join Tomorrow Woman for an engaging + powerful two hours of honest conversations to unpack the history and expectations of modern-day womanhood. They’ll discuss the ways in which women, including those in the room, have challenged the status quo and in line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, have broken the bias. #BreakTheBias

Tomorrow Woman will give you the opportunity to open up and learn some skills to reignite your voice. Bring along a friend, a colleague, a team mate, your mum, your sister, aunty, cousin, or just any woman you know that could do with a night out with some other remarkable women.

When? Tuesday, 8 March
7pm (doors at 6:30pm)

Where? CreativeCubes.Co South Melbourne
Level 5, 111 Cecil Street


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