It’s important to capture those special moments in life… your child’s first day of school, your smashed avo at brunch, the first beer at the pub after lockdown… and of course, taking your first step back at Cubes.

While you may only be able to see our eyes for now, we’ve got big cheesy grins behind the masks and we can’t wait to welcome you back with a wink and a wave.To commemorate this very exciting and special moment in both our lives, we want you to capture your first day back…. and let’s face it, did it even happen if it’s not on Instagram?

Get the camera out, get on the ‘gram and let’s see your first day back at CreativeCubes.Co! Don’t forget to tag us, your company and use the hashtag #backinsidethecube!

Return To Work Safely!

To ensure a safe return to work, it is going to require a combined effort from everyone involved and all parties sharing the workplace.

CreativeCubes.Co recognises the integral role it plays here to support our community and requests that members recognise their role in contributing towards everyone's "Return To Work” success.

As leaders of the community we have implemented a number of necessary measures to accommodate the wellbeing of our members in the new working environment.

Return To Work: Re-Engaging With Your Workplace
Health Policy

Our Guide For Things To Do At Home

As we eagerly anticipate for the day we gather in the CreativeCubes.Co kitchens for ‘spressi tini’s and morning tea’s, we have compiled a list of fun, interesting and exciting events you can attend, virtually!

Head to the members portal and click on the “Events” tab for a full list of events!


Richmond & Hawthorn


South Melbourne

BIO AIA Group for CreativeCubes.Co

AIA Group is a National leading Facilities Services provider with award winning expertise that began in 1974. Proudly Australian owned, AIA’s speciality spans multiple areas within the cleaning industry including government commercial, industrial, retail, health, education and hospitality. We are proud to have built an outstanding reputation based on consistently delivering high standards of excellence and a solid commitment to ethical business practises.

We are a socially responsible business that prides ourselves on gender and cultural equality and fair-trade policies including a deep respect for the environment and sustainability. We actively support and encourage reconciliation, respect and equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community via our sister company Essential Services Australia Group.

AIA Group has been proud to support our clients during the pandemic to achieve and maintain the highest hygiene standards. Our staff have been trained in the Federal Department of Health’s COVID-19 Infection Control Training and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for COVID-19 cleaning. Many of our clients have introduced day cleaners to administer frequent touchpoint cleaning throughout their offices on areas that have high traffic and contact. CreativeCubes.Co are adhering to the strictest hygiene protocols and an AIA Group representative is a member of their COVIDSafe Committee.

CreativeCubes.Co is proud to introduce the AIA Group Day Cleaning Staff, Deisy and Carolina. Deisy is currently studying Translation Studies, whilst Carolina is studying Architecture.

What have Cubers been up to?

The Mental Health Coach

South Melbourne

At The Mental Health Coach, we help people and workplaces navigate mental health and mental illness. 2020 has shown us that mental health problems affect everyone in some way, with three in five people experiencing a mental health problem this year alone.

We run Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses that help you spot the signs of common mental illnesses, as well as give you the skills to have a conversation with someone about their mental health.

Whether you join one of our public programs, or we deliver the course to your team in house, the course is evidence based, practical and designed to give you the confidence to assist someone that might be suffering from mental health problems or a mental illness.

We can deliver the course completely online, or face to face where feasible.

Besides the MHFA course, we also run mental health awareness training, webinars, coaching, counselling and workplace consulting.

Reach out to Nick for a chat about how we can help you learn about mental health skills on 0410 582 747 or

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Adam, Daniel, Madi & Caitlin from W Talent

Welcome Adam, Daniel, Caitlin and Madi from WTalent to the CreativeCubes.Co Hawthorn community!

W Talent is built on the foundation of its core values; performance, passion and loyalty. We believe in a genuine consulting service, offering advice and guidance to both clients and candidates alike. Recruitment has lost a sense of honesty in recent times, we are looking to take the selling out and work purely on placing the best-suited talent within outstanding businesses that share similar beliefs to our own.

Our team have all come from within the industries that they represent which along with Adam’s 10 years recruitment experience has enabled them to build outstanding networks through their piers and previous employments.

We have become Property Recruitment specialist across Australia and work in a dynamic and malleable way that allows us to work collaboratively as a team, with our clients and with other agencies to ensure the best results.

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Pete, Robert, Julian, Veronique and Camilla from The Low Carb Clinic

Welcome Pete, Robert, Julian, Veronique and Camilla from The Low Carb Clinic to the CreativeCubes.Co Richmond community!

Our team of clinical experts are making the future of a life without diabetes possible. Through a combination of medical nutrition therapy and Australia’s most accessible care, we help patients reverse* type 2 diabetes.

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South Melbourne

The amazing team at WellAware launched their world first health solution 5 weeks ago to their first paid Corporate clients. In under 5 weeks they have just hit 5,000 completed Missions.

WellAware Missions are bite sized summaries personalised and prioritised to you on what you and the people you care about all need to understand about mental, emotional and physical health.

They are well on their way to achieving our goal to empower individuals to proactively look after their health and support the growing army of organisations seeking to advance the health of their teams, reduce risk and create a true culture of care.


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Nicole from Media Sixx
South Melbourne

Today is my first day back in the Cube and it is a great day.

Whilst my business hasn’t suffered during this period, my mental wellbeing certainly has been tested. I have missed being around my fellow CCer’s and I’ve missed being amongst the industry community within which I work.

However, a big gain for my business during this time, has been a change in mindset. When you’re a digital marketing agency working in a conservative industry, there is a certain amount of ‘convincing’ that happens when talking about the opportunities with social media or other digital strategies. You get the usual ‘we don’t need that’ or ‘that doesn’t work in our industry’.
Well, that tune has certainly changed over the last few months.

It became obvious pretty quickly to these businesses, that the need to have a presence online was a high priority. Now the focus is well and truly on engaging better online, building communities and finding ways to deliver more value through content and technology.

So we’ve spent this time launching a new brand and building relationships with partners and clients in the US, UK and South Africa. All because a virus made business think outside the square and shift the narrative.

Thanks COVID.

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