Congratulations Marianne & Alistair! Legalite NABs the prize for the SECOND year running.

Legalite Australia has won best law firm for the second year in a row in NAB Professional Services Awards! Judged by client feedback, the Professional Services Awards showcase the best small to medium professional services firms in Australia.

You can inspire a generation. Just #giveonehour of your time.

Together, we are inspiring young people to find their purpose and have the courage to follow their passion. How? Through people like you, who #giveonehour of their time to share their story.

84% of young people are not pursuing their passions.

They are pushing ‘passion’ to the side when it comes to their career. Low confidence, a lack of guidance and not knowing where to start are some of the issues our young people face.

Many end up choosing a career they don’t want, because they don’t believe they can do what they love.

We’re not OK with that. We’re pretty sure you’re not OK with that either. So, let’s change it.

Let’s show the next generation that they can pursue their passions – and thrive.

Let’s show them real stories from real people like you. Let’s show them that they can achieve personal and professional success. Through living their passion and finding their purpose and exploring different careers.

We want to make inspiration accessible for every student and every place of education across the globe, not just those that can afford it.

Every student deserves the right to get access to amazing people to help inspire them to find their career path.

Together, we can inspire more people to follow their curiosity. Help them unlock their potential and create a stronger, more meaningful, more purpose driven future.

With your help, Ambisie will make this change happen.

How it works.

Step 1 – Get involved

As an individual, group or company, you can #giveonehour to share your story with young people in schools, colleges and universities. When you sign up, you can invite others to join the community. You list what type of story they would like to share along with their skills.

Step 2 – Choose your impact goal

As each person joins the community, we ask that they set an impact goal, to give you something to strive for. Start small or go big, no matter the goal, one hour can make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Step 3 – Be found and give one hour

Educators can then search for the right people to share their story with their students. From inspirational journeys to career-specific themes. Your time makes it possible for students to explore their curiosity and find their purpose.

Step 4 – Share your impact

Share your impact and invite others to join the movement. Every time you or someone you have invited to Ambisie, gives one hour we track the impact made by creating your very dashboard. Ambisie is a meaningful way to do good.


VideoWhy – James Shadrach
At Video Why we make videos about your purpose. We do that so that no matter who you are, as long as you have a strong purpose and why, you can powerfully market your products and services.

Jessica Thomas


Dogshare allows dog lovers to easily ask for and offer a ‘hand’ with dog walking & minding. We do this by building connected communities of locals and pairing them together based on similar attributes & requirements.
If I could be invisible for a day I would sneak into parliament and see what goes down when they are about to knife a PM (you know, because it’s a regular occurrence now), the drama would have me so entertained.

Ben Campain


After 10+ years as a touring musician dealing with a lack of stability, ridiculous hours, constant hustle and challenge upon challenge I walked 850kms across Spain and decided I wanted to take a more secure path in life. So then I went and began my own start up...
I'm Ben and I'm pretty damn excited to have been selected in ``Pitch for a Spot`` to join the Cubes community and continue the journey of Tapsquire out of Hawthorn.
Since the start of 2018 I have worked closely with my dad to build the foundations of Tapsquire. We focused on a simple pain point, anxiously shuffling through your wallet to find the tap card you need sucks. In a world where seconds matter and convenience is king, we've gone and created a stylish leather wallet where in one click, out pops the exact card you need to tap, MYKI, Tap n Go, Cubes entry, we’ve got you covered. We’re currently hustling our way towards launching our socials and dropping our crowdfunding campaign. Watch this space!
Look forward to bumping into many of you over the next 12 months and sharing some lol's over a chilled glass or two of sparkling water on Tap.
Feel free to jump in early and follow the journey (with our other 1 follower on Instagram) @tapsquire or you can get me by email at

Adam Valastro

Travelling Tradies

Travelling Tradies creates long term opportunities for skilled tradies to travel affordably so they can have an epic adventure, improve their health & well-being and become a global local.
We do this by introducing Aussie Tradies to Hostels from around the world where they exchange their skills a few hours a day for food & accommodation.
After working in construction for nearly a decade, Adam Valastro (Founder and Qualified Plumber) did exactly this, travelling for nearly 3 years to 11 countries and spent less than $12,000.
Team consists of 8 other members that range from tech dev, videography, marketing and business analysts and all are internationals that believe in the vision and possibilities of TT and its impact it can have in the Australian construction industry as well as the helping build sustainable cities and communities around the globe.

Tom Bell

Tomorrow Man

Tomorrow Man is a social enterprise on a mission to challenge the current male stereotypes and shape a new and positive version of masculinity for the men of today and tomorrow. We run workshops Australia wide with men of all ages and backgrounds, questioning the current man code and starting a conversation about the rules around masculinity that currently serve us and those that don’t.
Our aim is to help men build their emotional muscle and talk with gravity about the challenges they face in their lives as well as being able to support their mates when they’re up against it. We help men create more meaningful connections with those closest to them, ultimately living healthier and happier lives.
Fun fact - Out of our little team of 10, half of our crew are named Tom - wtf?? So, when in doubt just say ``hey Tom``

Daniel Shandler


Elephant Ed send young, passionate presenters to facilitate inclusive, progressive and dynamic sex education workshops to high school students across Victoria.
Most people tend to cringe at the memory of their middle-aged PE teacher standing at the front of the class with a palpable sense of awkwardness.
For far too long, sex education has been outdated. So we're here to change the game.
Why do we do what we do?
Simply, sex education is more than just putting a condom onto a banana.

Legally Yours – Karen Finch & Samantha Brown 

Lachlan Kent

Prevention United

Mental health conditions are not inevitable. Prevention United is a new charity that aims to change Australia's approach to mental health by focusing more on prevention, rather than waiting for people to become unwell.
Nearly half of all Australians will experience a diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime, but we think that is too high. As well as good treatments, there are steps we can take to improve individual and collective mental wellbeing that would lower people's chances of developing a condition.
We already do it for physical health. The Heart Foundation encourages a low-fat, low-salt diet plus regular exercise to prevent heart disease while, at the very same time, heart surgeons perform lifesaving operations.
We can and must do the same for mental health and Prevention United aims to become that catalyst for change wherever prevention takes place. Luckily, prevention can happen anywhere - even at work!
As such, Prevention United directors Steve and Lachlan are hugely grateful to CreativeCubes.Co and MYOB for sponsoring their residence at East Richmond. Their generosity will help further the cause and help us reduce the rates of mental ill-health across Australia.
A fun fact about Steve and Lachlan is that both were bass players back in the day - Steve in a wedding band and Lachlan in a garage punk band. Nerds by day, musicians by night! Well, once upon a time, anyway...

Jessica Mendez

The Therapist Co.

My name is Jessica Mendez/Goldenberg (married name- never know which one to use) I am an animal lover and a proud mother to two fur baby French Bulldogs called Boris and Jasmine.
My passions include dancing (salsa, bachata etc), animal rescues, start ups and networking.
My start up is called The Therapist Co. We are a niche temping platform for the beauty industry. We connect clinics in need with therapists ready to work and essentially are supporting the beauty and medical aesthetic industry here in Melbourne with short term staffing solutions. We plan to scale nationally for 2019 and internationally from there.
Completely loving my time here at CreativeCubes meeting and working with some awesome people!


Our very own Zanyar Kurd, founder of Zuse Digital has recently shared his expert advice in Hatch Quarter’s officially published Playbook, The Startup Playbook for Migrants and Refugees in Victoria.
Of the 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, 660,000 of these are migrant-owned businesses.
Supported by LaunchVic, Hatch Quarter’s multilingual Playbook is here to unlock the further potential of our new migrant and refugee community!

Congratulations Zanyar!


Introducing Simple Foods latest venture supported by Chemist Warehouse, The Natural Vitamin Co.

The range is 100 per cent natural and made from organic fruits and vegetables – a unique proposition that really stood out for us. We currently don’t have anything like it in our stores. We are believers in the simplicity of the natural ingredients and the purity of their formulas.

Jack GanceCo-Founder & CEO of Chemist Warehouse

Thanks to the support of Chemist Warehouse, we are pleased to be offering the Australian public a natural alternative to their current vitamins. We are going back to basics with the approach that food is medicine, by offering natural vitamins made from organic fruit and vegetables. A completely natural vitamin has not been accessible to the Australian public to date, and I am privileged to be leading the charge.

Daniel Kitay CEO of The Natural Vitamin Co.


24/7 has arrived at CUBES3122…
CreativeCubes Hawthorn has finally tweaked it’s doors and 24/7 access is now live! Your swipe card just got a whole lot more valuable! We recommend visiting each site during business hours for the first time, just so that the Happiness Team can show you the ropes. As a Cuber you are welcome to work from any of our locations. Catch a glimpse here

Hey Google?
At CreativeCubes we love that you can call us your home away from home however unfortunately due to our tech configuration we are unable to connect home devices to the wifi network. Please keep this in mind when decking out your new digs with the latest go to devices.

Is someone using your meeting room?
It’s becoming more and more important to make sure you are booking in your meeting rooms ahead of time. If you think you have booked a room but someone is already hustling in Hustle, please drop by the Happiness Desk and we will gladly find the solution. We understand that client meetings are a very important aspect of running a business, we want to make sure you are receiving 6 star service everyday! If you need a refresher on booking a room, drop by the Happiness Desk for a quick run down.

In the case of an emergency please do not hesitate to contact the following:

Tech/Space Issues: 1300 C CUBES
Emergency: 000


Are you ready for a kickass version of you?

At Cubes3122 Hawthorn we’ve been building the Rebel Monk Yoga studio, a space designed to stretch and bend the senses. We’re opening on Wednesday 7th November 2018 with teachers who bring everything they’ve got, every step of the way, to help you get stronger than Arnie and more chilled than Snoop.

And to celebrate, we’d love to gift all CreativeCubes.Co members a complimentary class to get you started on a journey towards total wellbeing. To arrange your class, just follow these simple steps :

  1. Create a MindBody account by downloading the Rebel Monk app for iPhone/iPad or Android (or click this link to sign up via your computer or tablet)

  2. Your details will be matched to Member records, so please make sure that you don’t use a different name

  3. Choose your class at the time and date that suits you

  4. “Purchase” a Single Class (Drop In) to pay for that class

  5. Apply Promo Code “CCCMembers” at checkout

After that, you can join the Founder Members who’ve already signed up for our $60 (no lock-in) #ufyl Introductory Offer giving unlimited classes for a month. With an amazing schedule of 44 classes each week, we’ll bring you the still and peaceful, the fast and furious, and everything in-between to suit your individual needs.

If you have any questions or problems accessing your complimentary class, please contact our manager Scott by email via

See you in class!


Events at CreativeCubes.Co!

Be sure to stay up to date with all our monthly events and let technology help you remember what’s on when, by adding them directly to your calendar here

Are you hosting an event or attending an event in December which you would like to recommend? We would love to hear from you! Please send all submissions to by COB November 13th.


We all know that social media is essential for growing your brand – but we understand it can also feel overwhelming, confusing and daunting at times. Join us and we’ll walk through the digital landscape together and discover your social media potential.
Jam packed with our favourite tips, tools and checklists this workshop will get you ready to dominate your presence in 2019. With plenty of practical advice and real life examples we’ll help you find your voice, create relevant, shareable content, build communities online and tweak your efforts for success.
This session will cover:
– The social landscape
– Knowing which social platforms are right for you
– Identifying your customers
– Finding your voice and your content marketing why
– Tools for managing & measuring social media
– Lots of time to ask questions
– And delicious morning tea!



Swinburne Venture Cup

Want to hear the next big idea from a group of budding entrepreneurs? Come along for Swinburne’s Venture Cup pitch event on 14 Nov, where a group of startups will pitch their ideas for a chance to win $20K in funding. Register NOW!


Don't miss this opportunity to take part in STARTCON 2018

CoVentured and Startcon have partnered to give Startups and Scaleups the chance to showcase their business at Startcon, Australia’s largest Startup & Growth Conference in Sydney, Nov 30th & Dec 1st.

CoVentured are offering the CreativeCubes.Co community 2 exciting opportunities for Startups to apply for:

1) Win a Startup Alley Booth plus 2 x 2-day conference passes

2) Host a Roundtable discussion at the Corporate Innovation Lunch


What does the future hold for Planet Earth?

Good question! Truth be told, we’re not exactly sure, but REAL BIG THINGS have assembled five very smart people who’ve got some clues.

These fab five are bringing their thoughts and soapboxes to Real Big Things #24 on Friday 23rd November, which also happens to be their last event for 2018.

Come along to look at things like: the ubiquitous daily ritual that’s doing more damage to our environment than cars, the challenges and opportunities of getting people to take action in a digital world, and the pressure of saving our planet one species at a time.

The question on everyone’s lips is whether we’re all doomed or whether everything’s going to work out just fine…

Let’s all find out with a complimentary coffee in one hand and a pastry in the other at the Astor Theatre in a few weeks. Talking starts at 8am and finishes at 10am.

As a cubes member, you have exclusive access to discount tickets! Real Big Things are offering fixed price tickets at $40 all the way up to the day before. Enter promo code ‘CCC24’ at checkout to claim!





It’s Movember and the mo-bros at Leedwell Property are raising awareness. Let’s help stop men dying too young and get around the cause. Together we can make a difference in men’s health.



Christmas is just around the corner & we’re excited to offer all Creative Cubes members access to Sunday Wine Co Christmas corporate packs in the lead up to the festive season! Theyre beautiful, delicious & at perfect gifting price points! Gift packs can be delivered to you, free of charge (Melbourne metro) or delivered to the recipient anywhere Australia wide, for a flat fee of $8. Get in touch via


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