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364 days in the making…
CreativeCubes Hawthorn has finally arrived! Feel like a change of scenery? Let us help you with that! As a Cuber you are welcome to work from any of our locations. Catch a glimpse here

Don’t get stuck looking, plan ahead and make a booking!
Meeting rooms are in constant demand! If you are in need of a room, make sure you are booking ahead of time to ensure you are not being left high and dry. If you need a refresher, drop by the Happiness Desk for a quick run down.

Thinking about finding investment?
Book in some time with engines behind Giant Leap Fund for FREE. Happening right here at cubes Thursday October 4th, 1pm-4pm.
Register here to be involved.

Events at Richmond

Avoid the FOMO! Be sure to stay up to date with all our monthly events and let technology help you remember whats on when by adding to your calendar here


Amazing opportunity to learn and grow your business!

Introducing Swinburne University of Technology to CreativeCubes Richmond.

Nestling in amongst JackGrows and E-Water Systems, Swinburne have moved in to level 3 and they would love to engage with you!

Swinburne teaches in a range of course areas including:

  • Web design and development
  • Game art/development
  • Programming
  • Networking/Cyber security
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design (branding, print design, digital design)
  • Events management, Marketing and Communication
  • Screen and Media (Film and TV and Animation)
  • Business
  • Professional Writing and Editing
  • Financial Services, Justice and Legal Services

They are always looking out for ways to develop and review their courses. One of the most exciting aspects of joining co-working for them is opening up the possibility for collaboration with other businesses within the community. If you are interested in discussing the operations of your business, sharing your knowledge or even the possibility of work placements, drop by the Happiness Desk and we will happily connect you. We are very excited to have the new faces in the space!


The Foundr content team just rolled out a comprehensive BOSS guide on how to grow your online business using Instagram. As a Cuber you can access it right here.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the CreativeCubes.Co exclusive partnership, email the Happiness Team at [email protected] to get details on your free membership.

“I’m Elon Musk, I’m an internet billionaire, I founded PayPal and X.com. I sold X.com to Compaq for 165 million dollars in cash and I could spend the rest of my life on a beach drinking Mai Tais, but I decided that humanity needs to become a multi-planetary species to survive and I want to do something with my money to show that humanity can do that and I need Russian rockets and that’s why I’m calling you.” Read more about how Elon Musk went from knowing very little about rockets to founding and running the enterprise we know as Space-X”

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Notes from the Happiness Team..

Just in time to see the sunshine from your desk, all external windows at Richmond will be cleaned October 1-5.

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Siddharth Vadasseri
01:56 19 Jul 18
I've had the pleasure of working at Creative Cubes since it opened, and what I've loved most is that it isn't just desk space. Working here feels like being part of something. Every day you're surrounded by people pursuing their own endeavours, but doing it side by side in a community. The space itself is so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing, but beyond the beauty on the surface there is a depth here. The members are fantastic, the founders are involved and accessible, and the 'Happiness Team' provides a quality of customer service like no other co-working space I've been to. AND, it's pet friendly!
Judy Anderson
00:34 17 Jul 18
The 'Happiness Team' is what makes this co-working space stand out for me. I've worked out of several co-working spaces across Australia, Singapore & San Francisco. The customer experience at Creative Cubes is the best I've come across. For example, a happiness team member will physically walk to my desk to let me know when a guest has arrived, because they know I'm not always going to see the email notification. Sometimes they even buy me time if I'm running late! Brilliant.
Kristen Holden
02:32 17 Jul 18
The team at cubes are amazing and the space is modern and funky. They have a great mix of different businesses working in the space so the vibe is top notch as well. Would definitely recommend going down and taking a look for your office space or next event!
Lets Mingle
02:38 29 Jun 18
This is one of the best co-working spaces in Melbourne! Loved my time here. Great vibe, great people and great location. The happiness team go above and beyond to ensure the experience of rocking up to work is an enjoyable one! 5/5 from me!
nicole iglicki
00:26 17 Jul 18
Love this co working space.It offers both independent offices and or communal co-working space which is designed to collaborate with other members. It is decorated perfectly and the internet is fast! The Happiness Team also go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and will meet all your required needs.
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