At CreativeCubes.Co, we’re a community. We’re all busy running our own independent businesses, but at the end of the day, we’re working together within four walls towards our shared goal of success.

We all define success differently, and we all experience our own version of it, but when it comes to starting a small business, being an entrepreneur or living the daily hustle of being a start-up, we all have a lot in common.

We’re also avid supporters of each other, and we’re willing to share our top tips for small businesses – because we’ve all been there. Sharing is caring and knowledge is power, and there’s an abundance of both at Creative Cubes co-working spaces.

Define your own ‘success’.

Success is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s a concept that James Shadrach has come to understand navigating the growth of his start-up, Video Why.

“You can define success a bunch of different ways, so you really have to define it for yourself. I want to grow Video Why to the point where it gives me the freedom to live my life in a way I want while pushing me to grow and develop as person, and also contributing to the community. So, if I can check all those, and I have definitions of what I mean for each and I can achieve that, that for me is success.”

People are the most important part of your business.

Claire Goldsworthy, Founder of The Fashion Advocate, has built her business by supporting likeminded people and bringing them together, and people are the cogs in the wheel that keep her business going.

“I was still working a day job and freelancing three years into my business and it was tough for a long time, it still is most days. When you’re starting up, you juggle a lot, and sometimes you struggle a lot, but it’s important to remember why you started. I get to work with so many incredible designers and beautiful people – and that’s what keeps me going. I won’t ever be a millionaire and I don’t want to be; I want to make a difference and I want to support people through my business. When I remember why I’m doing what I’m doing – I remember what’s important in business.”

Understanding your own mind is the key to progress.

Daniel Bilsborough is clear about his business values and goals and focussing on digital marketing for holistic health practitioners is his self-confessed life purpose.

“Understanding my own mind has been the key to progress and focusing on progression over perfection is the fastest way to success and living a stress-free life. Given that stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death, my goal is to be stress free and help others grow through my business. A major part of understanding my mind has been about becoming aware of the fears causing me to procrastinate. Once I simply became aware of them, I was able to replace them with productive alternatives. Self-awareness gives me an opportunity to change and grow. How do you create awareness? I did it with meditation. As you progress know that having a relationship with yourself is a real thing. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. Learn to trust yourself and learn to believe in yourself. Develop a real relationship with yourself. Encourage yourself, congratulate yourself, be patient with yourself and give yourself grace.”

Remember to eat. Brain food is so important.

Kate Marwe knows small businesses inside out; she’s a member of Creative Cubes’ Happiness Team, and she’s the first thing and last thing they see coming and going every day. She shares in everyone’s success, but she’s also privy to the unhealthy habits that creep into the office sometimes – like working too hard.

“The brain needs substance and fresh air. Remember to eat and give your body the nutrients and fresh air it needs; sometimes people get so bogged down in work that they don’t leave their desk all day. All work and no play makes Jimmy a dull boy. It’s also important to remember that even if it’s hard and you’re stressed, put a smile on that dial. It’s good to appreciate the small things, look around and don’t miss the trees for the forest, and remember that everyone is doing the best they can.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below… we’d love to hear some of your great tips and amplify them to our community to help them become better at what they do.

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Siddharth Vadasseri
01:56 19 Jul 18
I've had the pleasure of working at Creative Cubes since it opened, and what I've loved most is that it isn't just desk space. Working here feels like being part of something. Every day you're surrounded by people pursuing their own endeavours, but doing it side by side in a community. The space itself is so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing, but beyond the beauty on the surface there is a depth here. The members are fantastic, the founders are involved and accessible, and the 'Happiness Team' provides a quality of customer service like no other co-working space I've been to. AND, it's pet friendly!
Judy Anderson
00:34 17 Jul 18
The 'Happiness Team' is what makes this co-working space stand out for me. I've worked out of several co-working spaces across Australia, Singapore & San Francisco. The customer experience at Creative Cubes is the best I've come across. For example, a happiness team member will physically walk to my desk to let me know when a guest has arrived, because they know I'm not always going to see the email notification. Sometimes they even buy me time if I'm running late! Brilliant.
Kristen Holden
02:32 17 Jul 18
The team at cubes are amazing and the space is modern and funky. They have a great mix of different businesses working in the space so the vibe is top notch as well. Would definitely recommend going down and taking a look for your office space or next event!
Lets Mingle
02:38 29 Jun 18
This is one of the best co-working spaces in Melbourne! Loved my time here. Great vibe, great people and great location. The happiness team go above and beyond to ensure the experience of rocking up to work is an enjoyable one! 5/5 from me!
nicole iglicki
00:26 17 Jul 18
Love this co working space.It offers both independent offices and or communal co-working space which is designed to collaborate with other members. It is decorated perfectly and the internet is fast! The Happiness Team also go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and will meet all your required needs.
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