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I don’t know how this happened or why but totally honoured by Kym Huynh & Wayne Lewis to have had me participate in the WeTeachMe Masters Series held @ MYOB in Richmond VIC

In 2016, WeTeachMe officially became the biggest school in Australia and they have developed the Masters Series to share the gifts, knowledge, and experiences of those who have achieved the unimaginable in their life, risen above all odds and have persevered when others couldn’t.

It is on the stage that they elevate and celebrate the curious, where they invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of their communities to share their learnings and experiences in an unwavering effort to help those who are searching for answers.

I was given the mic and a room packed with hundreds and hundreds of people to tell my story.

Below is the video of that night.

Enjoy 🙂

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