Personal branding may not be at the top of your business to-do list, but it should be. In a digital world where first impressions are key, the image you portray for your business can make or break the potential of new clients, returning clients, and the future of your business.

CreativeCubes.Co Hawthorn resident, Stephanie Waters, knows a thing or seven about personal branding, and it’s something she lives, loves, breathes and teaches as the founder of her business, Content Smith

Why is personal branding so important?

It helps your online community get to know you and your story – what you’re passionate about and what you value. Personal branding can build trust and increase your level of authority in your industry.

What is the best way a small business can establish a strong brand?

There’s no quick fix, but it’s important to establish a solid marketing strategy that has a mix of organic social media, paid advertising, SEO, and most importantly quality copy and image content. Think about blog articles, email campaigns or videos. It’s essential to define your content pillars from the beginning (four themes that become the foundation for all your content to link back to), and be consistent with the delivery of your marketing efforts. Timing, style of images and themes should stay to a schedule so your community can become familiar with your value offering. Outsource what you aren’t specialised in, so you can focus on what you do best, and this will help build a strong personal branding message.

Instagram or Facebook; what’s better for business?

This depends on which industry and audience your business is trying to connect with. For example, a business that mainly operates in the B2B industry such as an HR platform targeting the HR departments and individuals in the industry, will probably do better investing their marketing budget to Linkedin, rather than Instagram. Choose a platform that resonates best with your demographic and brand.

What are your top tips when it comes to branding?

  • Choose what your key messages are and stick to them.
  • Tell your story. Content pillars helps a business stay focussed to deliver consistent and meaningful content to their audience.
  • Maintain a collaborative mindset. Help your community or other small businesses to make a positive difference. There are so many opportunities to leverage on like-minded businesses to build your brand.
  • The people behind the small business are extensions of the brand too. Be genuine and live out the business values.

Are blogs dead?

The short answer is no. Blog content is great for SEO results and Google’s algorithm loves them. You can showcase your knowledge, products or services and build brand awareness through blogs, and having them hosted on your website will position you as an authority in the industry you’re in. You can repurpose your blog content for social media too, and use the blog posts as lead magnets to collect contact information to build your database and audience. You can then use an email sequence to retarget your database and nurture the relationships… There’s a lot that blogs can do for your business!

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