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Kogan shares surged 30% on return to profit last week


Bugcrowd, an Aussie-founded cybersecurity startup, has closed one of the year’s biggest funding rounds so far – US$102m


Octopus Deploy made its first major acquisition of Codefresh for $43m


Canva’s secondary could be as much as $3.6b sold with more to come

🤖 AI

Xero to deploy generative AI to help customers and automate common accounting tasks


Launched a new grant initiative of up to $300k for new angel groups focused on a unique industry vertical or technological innovation within the pre-seed and seed investment space


Uber will pay $272 million to Australian taxi operators – the fifth-largest class action settlement in Australian legal history (filed on behalf of more than 8000 taxi and hire car owners and drivers) – after it settled following a five-year legal battle. Ride sharing service is now regulated in every state and territory across Australia Globally


Valuation spikes to $65B in employee stock-sale deal (peaked at $95B in 2021, then down to $50B in 2023). They released their annual founder letter. Growth continues with total payment volume topping $1 trillion in 2023!


Cancels its autonomous electric car project after investing in this project for 10 years and let a few thousand people go.

📈Share prices

Microsoft ($3.1T) bigger than Apple ($2.7T) – NVIDIA ($2.2T) bigger than Amazon ($1.8T) and Alphabet ($1.8T)

👨‍💻Elon Musk

Sues OpenAI and Sam Altman over ‘betrayal’ of non-profit AI mission (OpenAI also announcing new board members including CEO Sam Altman)

Former Twitter CEO and execs sues Elon Musk – Elon Musk loses world’s richest person title for the first time in more than nine months to Jeff Bezos – but he is still going multi-planetary with a successful launch of Starship last week.


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