Coworking has long been associated as a workplace solution for freelancers, creatives and start ups as a means to work collaborative space with like minded individuals. From humble beginnings, the coworking industry has exploded, becoming one of the fastest global workplace movements. As the pandemic forced a majority of the workforce into experiencing the throws of remote working, SMB’s, SME’s and large enterprises are now tapping into the phenomenon driven by the endless benefits that outweigh the traditional office.

  1. An Expanded Network. Regardless of the industry, connecting with other brands and businesses is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success. Coworking spaces are a paradise for anyone looking to rub shoulders with like minded innovators and entrepreneurs that drive innovative spirit, bridging industry gaps that are undoubtedly effective in spearheading your business forward.
  2. Collaboration. This goes hand-in-hand with networking. Collaboration between teams is paramount to achieve excellent businesses outcomes and outstanding customer experience. Coworking spaces are designed in a way for collaboration to occur quickly and naturally. This, in turn, enhances communication and builds stronger connectedness among employees, the company and its values.
  3. Productivity? Through the roof. Coworking spaces are designed for optimal productivity. Offering increased variety from the traditional office yet more structure than a WFH setup. Not only do providers remove the headache of running an office so you can focus on the big picture, the space and resources provided can transform business processes and skyrocket the wider teams efficiency.
  4. Every dollar makes a difference. Perhaps at the core of the appeal for many businesses is the considerable cost savings. Alleviating the financial burden of a traditional office lease, coworking spaces also combine all the elements of running an office; furniture & decor, security, utilities, internet and even built in services such as business mail, and bundle them in one monthly rate so as to not put a significant dent in a businesses budget.
  5. Always ready for change. If there’s anything the past year has shown us, it’s that it’s crucial to stay nimble in uncertain times. Coworking providers are a foolproof solution to mitigating risk with flexible and short-term leases. This allows companies to expand and contract as required without constraint.

Boost in creativity. When exposed to an environment that allows you to work in a different setting each day, it is a foolproof way to get the creative juices flowing – a must have to be on top of your game and a step above the rest!

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