In a time of the unknown and uncertainty, practising love, kindness, compassion and embracing human connection is more important than ever.

At the centre of everything we do is an unwavering focus on all people. We wrap people in our community with Happiness & support them with four pillars (Work Spaces + Events + Wellness + Fuel) so they can stay focused on what they’re passionate about.

In this time, our space continues to be monitored closely, additional cleaning remains in place and hygiene and disinfecting products remain available to our members and staff.

We remain open & committed to our members who rely on us to underpin their businesses and understand intently that every job in Australia is essential (even more so now).

We've been listening to our members & paying attention to everything the State & Federal Government have been issuing, and have put together a list where businesses can seek out grants, funding relief & stimulus.

This also includes how we’re playing our part to support our members during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are practiced at the things we are being asked of today, where a sound mindset and a commitment to shared and sustainable joy is the only clear way through.

We hope to be the little flicker of light the world needs to stay calm and creative, emerging reconnected to what matters most: each other.

Concession and Benefits Summary
Our Health Policy
Our Hygiene Policy

A note from Jade

One thing we know for sure - the Melbourne yoga community is a strong one.

Our focus is on helping to protect the health and wellbeing of our teachers, members and wider community.

As such we have chosen to temporarily close our peach arches as of 12pm on Friday, 20th March.

All current memberships will be suspended, class packs, intro trials and upfront memberships will be extended for the duration of the closure.

Let's lean into the support we need... even if it's not a physical lean at the moment, a metaphorical lean will definitely suffice.

We are so grateful for the strength of the community in these challenging times and we are looking forward to getting peachy with you again soon.

Jade + your RebelMonk family 🧡

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here. Please reach out at or phone (03) 8840 1040. #therebelmonkisyou

Get a cup cause we're a level up!

Words cannot espresso how excited we are for this... Timber+Greens has arrived at CreativeCubes.Co South Melbourne.

Fuelling your Monday mornings, major meetings, if you're in need of a pick me up and/or a dad joke, come see the friendly faces of Timber+Greens.

Grab a cup cause we're a level up!

Spacious, gracious and vivacious

Here it is, the new kid on the block. So close to the South Melbourne market you can almost smell the dimmies. Yet in a league of it’s own when it comes to style and panache.

A spacious 213sqm corner venue with city views, MicDrop South Melbourne has everything you’d expect from a creative venue space. Concrete floors, plenty of natural light, first-class AV tech and a vibe that’s second to none.

Our catering partner Timber + Greens is also based here, so fresh delicious brain fuel and kick-arse caffeine fixes are a specialty.

Ideal for workshops, team meetings, brainstorms & briefings, presentations & product launches.
Not suitable for CWA cake stalls, your cousin Robbie’s 21st & anything boring.

Enquire Now

Meet the new faces of our spaces.

Introducing the newest members of the best community in the world.

Welcome to South Melbourne...

Our Pitch For A Spot Winners!

We have run Pitch For A Spot four times now in partnership with Startup Victoria. We've given away over $478,000 in FREE office space to 57 companies during its time thanks to our great sponsors (MYOB, PwC, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) & Amazon Web Services (AWS)) over the years

This is our way of giving back to the community.
Empowering entrepreneurs and idea makers to focus and do their thing.

Congrats to this cohorts winners and welcome to the CreativeCubes.Co community

- The Helping Hub
- One Love
- Fodbods
- Active & Thriving
- Verve Super
- Movely
- Back Picker
- Cwerky
- Ovira

Catch up on the night here
Welcome to Richmond...

Hive Engineering

Hive Engineering is a high end engineering consultancy designing building structures. We offer a high quality service and specialise in buildings with complexity.

Check them out here
Welcome to Hawthorn...

Tradable Bits

Tradable Bits is a built-for-purpose platform helps you collect, analyze and activate fan data at scale. Personalize your fan experience, connect fans with sponsors and sell more tickets with one unified set of tools. The best part? You own all of your data.

Check them out here
Welcome to Richmond...

Firmus Grid

Firmus Grid has developed next generation data centers for high compute-intensive market and provide dynamic load for grid and network stability, supporting the mixed generation fleet in providing a path towards 100% renewables.

Check them out here
Love Your Life...

Cause Legalite Loves You!

Join Legalite each weekday at 2pm for their wellness sesssion, Love Your Life.

Love Your Life are digital daily sessions with Wellness Champion, Lauren Kelindeman who will be covering topics like desk yoga, drawing lessons, music, nutrition, goal setting, games and personal development.

We will laugh, learn, get creative, stretch and smile.

Join here

Have you seen the latest vlog?

We care deeply about all people, this is not a realisation now the chips are down... its in our DNA, its serves as part of our values, its the platform we springboard from & we walk the talk daily.

Tune into the latest vlog as Shardae summarises our culture of caring.

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