Maximising Office Space for Growth and Retention

I’ve been reading so many articles of late about lay-offs in order for businesses to get through to the other side. In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies often find themselves facing the need to downsize their staff due to various economic factors. However, there is a silver lining to this challenging situation – an opportunity to strategically manage office space for both efficiency and staff retention. 

In this blog post, I’m sharing how businesses can make the most of downsizing by focusing on office space optimization and discuss the options available for maintaining a cohesive and productive team. I can point to dozens of examples here @ CreativeCubes.Co that have made this bold step in order to keep the team together – ultimately opting to off-load their traditional office lease in exchange for flexible tailored spaces and experiences for their team(s)… and it’s working GREAT!

Office Space: Should Be Your First Step in Downsizing

It’s tough out there – I get it, I see it, I feel it with our community. We have thousands of companies working from CreativeCubes.Co and most have come to us when the need to downsize has arisen.

Back to my opening line of this blog, I’ve been reading so many articles of late about lay-offs in order for businesses to get through to the other side. It’s tempting to immediately focus on reducing staff numbers. However, a more effective approach is to first consider your office space. Many businesses have been shifting to remote and hybrid work models, which has transformed the concept of the traditional office. By carefully evaluating your office space requirements, you can make informed decisions about the staff you need to retain and the space you can optimise. 

I do find it funny when companies first show up and their head space is “my office is special ” but it’s only moments until the penny drops and realisation sets in. Trust me when I say flex office spaces are a game changer and this might just be the opportunity in time to lean in.

Big Businesses Live Here, Small Businesses Grow Here: 

For businesses seeking a balance between private workspace and collaboration, opting for one of our private offices has proven to be a smart move. This provides a dedicated space while still reaping the benefits of the coworking atmosphere.

That said, we’re seeing companies use our spaces to bring teams together. We can support your team if you’re transitioning to a hybrid work model, consider keeping a smaller, more essential workforce in a central office location. This allows for regular in-person collaboration and fosters a sense of unity among the team.

Marketplace Trends and Opportunities: 

While downsizing often gets a negative connotation, it doesn’t have to be synonymous with failure. In fact, it can be an opportunity to re-evaluate your real estate strategy and enhance staff retention. Rapid changes in the market have forced companies to re-evaluate their operations, and many have chosen to prioritise retaining their most valuable asset: their people.

Growth Through People and Space:

As you consider downsizing, remember that your people and your space are interconnected. Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in business; it should be a sign of a strategic shift towards more efficient operations and increased adaptability. By focusing on your office space first and leveraging the plethora of workspace options available, you can create a vibrant work ecosystem that not only supports your business operations but also retains the essence of your team’s expertise and collaboration.

Downsizing does not need to be about trimming staff numbers; it’s about optimising your office space to align with the evolving work landscape. Embrace the opportunities offered by flexible office solutions, coworking spaces, and hybrid models to maintain a thriving business while nurturing a motivated and engaged workforce. Remember, your business’s growth is deeply intertwined with the potential of your people and the possibilities of your space.


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