Companies of all sizes will not be looking to lock themselves into long term leases with large upfront capital requirements for bonds and fit out that serve little to no value to their organisations operations.
The realisation to companies today is that it’s a poor use of their working capital to do so and even more painful when there is a downturn and liabilities could hamstring the company.
Flexibility is everything
In the wake of global recessions and more recently the pandemic companies are looking for flexible office space solutions to keep their physical office requirements lean no matter what the economic climate is at the time.
Leading companies have shifted their mindset from stature to focusing inwards on their employees. Gone are the days where employees have to work where their company is headquartered and being flexible isn’t about working from home (for most it is not an option).
Inspiring spaces attract and retain talent
The future of work is a professional place for employees that is inspiring, has energy, is private & full of amenities. While keeping a lean overhead it has also served as a significant draw card for companies looking to attract and retain talent.
Here at CreativeCubes.Co, we’re supporting companies by collaboratively reviewing their workplace strategy and assisting them to replace their office space and / or distribute their workforce across our multiple locations with private office and flexible office space.

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