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Re: Shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate Together

Dear Landlords and Asset Owners,

I write to you today as the CEO of CreativeCubes.Co, filled with excitement about the journey we are on. The last few years have been tumultuous, but amidst the chaos, we have remained resilient and committed to our mission. I want to take this opportunity to share our vision for the future of workspaces and the crucial factors that landlords and asset owners must consider as they adapt to the changing landscape.

The Pandemic has disrupted our lives in unimaginable ways, and the commercial real estate sector has been no exception. Traditional office spaces have been challenged, and the way we perceive and utilise these spaces has transformed. As we rebuild and reimagine, it is essential for landlords and asset owners to embrace a bold vision for the future.

At CreativeCubes.Co, we envision workspaces that transcend their conventional boundaries. No longer should they be limited to a collection of floors dedicated solely to offices. Instead, workspaces should evolve into dynamic, multifunctional hubs that cater to a diverse range of needs, businesses, and people. Picture a future where high-rise buildings become vibrant communities in themselves, comprising ten floors of office spaces, fifteen floors of comfortable multifamily residences, ten floors of a boutique hotel, health + wellness offerings within and even a club area where everyone on the property can connect as a community.

To achieve this transformation, landlords must adopt a people-centric approach that creates a holistic experience. This involves offering a wide array of amenities to suit. By adapting to these evolving behaviours and needs, your properties can become pioneers in the future of work.

Allow me to draw inspiration from Apple Inc., a company whose seamless integration of hardware and software has captivated the world. In my analogy, CreativeCubes.Co represents the software, while the landlord’s buildings are the hardware. It is the seamless integration and commitment to reimagining spaces with flexibility and collaboration in mind that will deliver the change and keep the asset relevant.

With the rise of hybrid work, offices & buildings must transform into versatile environments. This entails integrating smart conference spaces, collaboration areas, and digitally accessible food-and-beverage ecosystems featuring cosy lounges, inviting cafe spaces, and wellness offerings embedded. Additionally, infusing spaces with biophilic design elements, bringing nature indoors with greenery, can enhance the well-being and productivity of the residing community. Above all, community has become the new currency. Without it, the physical space is merely slabs of concrete and glass—beautiful to look at, but lacking a heartbeat. It is that heartbeat that creates a thriving ecosystem.

It is important to acknowledge that I’m an employer too, our organisation, CreativeCubes.Co, is no different to the millions out there. However from our inception we embraced the power of remote work, operating with multiple locations and a team that can be at any one of our locations at any time. We understand the strength of connectivity and collaboration in a virtual environment. By investing in asynchronous communication practices and empowering our team with online tools, we have fostered a highly collaborative culture. This culture and operation have been adopted by our members, enhancing their days and overall happiness at work too.

CreativeCubes.Co stands at the forefront of the workspace revolution, driven by the belief that the future holds boundless possibilities. The Pandemic has urged us all to reimagine our workspaces, embracing change to foster collaboration and innovation. We are committed to transforming physical environments into multifunctional hubs that cater to the diverse needs of our members.

As we embrace the new world and this macro transformative time, we are committed to leading by example. By optimising space, understanding evolving needs, and nurturing an environment that encourages connectivity and collaboration,

If you have an asset and recognise the importance of the new world, please reach me directly at any time. We know that by enabling your success and serving the needs of our membership base we can create win:win:win outcomes (Members:Landlords:CreativeCubes.Co) for all.


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