Note: As of this afternoon (4th Aug 2020) we await additional direction and clarification from the Victorian Government on some of the exact requirements of the next 6 weeks. Nevertheless, in order to allow our members to plan we will be moving forward with the below policies until further notice.

Dear Community,

CreativeCubes.Co recognises the integral role it plays to support our community and requests that members recognise their role in contributing towards everyone’s wellbeing and safety.

As leaders of the community we have implemented a number of necessary measures to accommodate the wellbeing of our members in the new working environment.

The Victorian government has developed a list of businesses and industries considered exempt from Stage 4 Restrictions as well as the requirements of these businesses to develop a COVIDSafe Plan. Please ensure you read the full announcement to understand your specific circumstances as a business and as an employer\employee.

In response to the recent announcement for Metropolitan Melbourne to move to Stage 4 Restrictions, CreativeCubes.Co is adapting to the changed work environment. 

Additionally, previously implemented policies and measures continue to remain in place as they have since March.

What remains the same…

  • Our strict Health Policy remains in place. This has recently been expanded to include the mandatory use of face masks while it is mandatory in the State of Victoria.
    • Mandatory face coverings for all individuals attending a CreativeCubes.Co site
    • All space signage must be followed including the requirement to wash hands, use hand sanitiser and observe 1.5 metres social distancing.
    • Users of enclosed meeting spaces and offices must abide by the current square metre rule (1 person per 4m2)
  • Nightly clean and COVID clean of all sites to remain in place.
  • Happiness Team is available to answer any questions or assist with any enquiries via phone or via email
  • It is the responsibility of our members to understand their obligations as a business and as an employer in the context of the latest announcements and their specific circumstances.
  • It is the obligation of our members to determine whether it’s appropriate for their business or employees to attend the site.
  • Our Health Policy, Cleaning Policy, COVID Policies remain available online
  • If you have been diagnosed with a positive case of COVID-19 please immediately contact George Garth (Head of Operations) – e: M: +61 488 100 202 – Please note; your details will be kept confidential, however it is imperative that we are notified for contact tracing

What has changed…

  • Doors will no longer be unlocked during business hours. All access to the building and to the coworking space will be swipe access only. Full members to retain access to the space only.
  • We require all members to swipe their access card on the card readers next to each door as they enter and exit the site. Of course this will be required to enter the building anyway, however, there is the possibility that you may enter or exit at the same time as someone else. We ask everyone to swipe in and out of each access point at all times. This falls under our extended requirements as part of our COVIDSafe Plan for contact tracing.
  • The Happiness Team will predominantly be working from home and only be onsite for a limited period of time for critical tasks including security, maintenance and cleaning checks in line with the Stage 4 directions. Hours to be confirmed and as needed.
  • Our staff will be provided with a co-signed letter from CreativeCubes.Co (employer), to our team member (employee) agreeing on the hours to be onsite and the tasks to be completed. This ‘Worker Permit’ will be used by our staff to present to any authorities doing spot checks of people in transit or spot checks of our space. 
  • Any individual who is not a full member of the space with a working access card will not be granted access to the site. Please contact if there are any urgent requests for guests. This will be reviewed and provided on a needs basis with certain requirements and restrictions applicable.
  • The cafe will be closed until further notice. 

Members of CreativeCubes.Co are asked to remain vigilant, conscious and courteous to all individuals in the space.

We will continue work as safely as possible under these conditions, and welcome your support to do so. Thank you for your understanding and diligence during these times.

CreativeCubes.Co – Leadership Team

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