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A Thriving Community for Remote Workers & A Service In Demand For Enterprises and Assets Owners Alike.

As the CEO of CreativeCubes.Co, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible rise of remote work and its impact on the traditional office environment. In this blog, I will share my insights on how coworking/flexible office spaces have become a vibrant solution for the growing number of professionals seeking an inspiring and collaborative work environment. Post-pandemic, we have experienced a significant shift in our customer base, with enterprises now comprising a substantial surging portion of our membership base.

Embracing the Evolution of Work: 

The transformation of the traditional office has accelerated with advancements in technology and changing work dynamics. Statistics show that remote work is gaining popularity, with an increasing number of individuals embracing the freedom and flexibility it offers. According to a recent study by Global Workplace Analytics, remote work has grown by 173% since 2005. Post pandemic that shift has accelerated even more!

Addressing the Need for Connection: 

Understanding the importance of connection, CreativeCubes.Co has established itself from the beginning as an ecosystem that facilitates collaboration & networking, driven by our value of belonging. Our efforts have resonated with professionals, as shown by the data. In our most recent NPS it revealed that 96% of members reported an increase in their professional networks, while 98% felt a stronger sense of belonging within the community. This lines up with a recent study by Harvard Business Review that found that individuals who work in coworking spaces reported higher levels of thriving and satisfaction compared to those working in traditional offices… MASSIVE IMPACT!

Beyond Infrastructure: 

At CreativeCubes.Co, our focus extends beyond providing physical workspaces. We have evolved into a comprehensive two-sided marketplace that caters to the diverse needs of our members. The impact of our community-building initiatives is reflected in the data. A recent member satisfaction survey indicated that 98% of our members reported feeling happier and more motivated since joining CreativeCubes.Co. Additionally, our reputation for creating vibrant spaces has attracted interest from asset owners, landlords, and larger companies seeking to enhance the vibrancy of their own work environments. 

In fact, a survey by Cushman & Wakefield revealed that 82% of corporate real estate executives believe that flexible office space will play a crucial role in their company’s real estate strategy in the next three years. In order to successfully execute this landlords and asset owners should be seeking an operating partner / brand to help execute the operations in partnership. These businesses are not as simple as they look and partnering is how to execute at a top level.

Liz Elam founder of the global coworking industry body (GCUC) said “If a really great software company leases from you, as a landlord do you then decide you should go into the software business? No, that would be silly! Landlords should absolutely partner up with operators that have a proven track record to execute what is a complicated business”.

Future-Proofing Workspaces: 

The demand for coworking spaces continues to surge as remote work evolves further. To stay ahead of this trend, CreativeCubes.Co is dedicated to continuously adapting our offerings to meet the evolving needs of professionals. Market projections support our strategy, with statistics indicating that flex office spaces by 2025 will start to grow annually at a rate of 21% . Furthermore, a report by JLL predicts that flexible workspace will comprise 30% of the entire commercial office space market by 2030… a significant jump from the sub 3% we’re at today.

The rise of coworking spaces as thriving communities has effectively bridged the gap between remote work isolation and the benefits of a traditional office. My team and I at CreativeCubes.Co remain committed to redefining the future of work and empowering individuals to achieve new heights of success. 

The demand for our services extends, with enterprises increasingly recognising the value of our inspiring, collaborative, and community-driven workspaces. As we continue to build communities that foster innovation, growth, and meaningful relationships, we are shaping the ever-evolving landscape of work for professionals across various industries. The statistics and projections validate the promising future of coworking spaces as the go-to solution for the modern workforce.

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