As we surf the pandemic wave, we can all agree that life will not be the same once the peak of COVID-19 is over. With most Australian’s working from home, the question on everyone’s lips is “when we go back to the office, what will the new normal look like?”. 

Despite remote work being a proven success, organisations are keen to encourage their staff back into the workplace and are turning to flexible office solutions as the foundation in their return to work strategy.

Cost Saving at the Core

As business operations resume post-pandemic, uncertainty around the economy will remain for some time. As a means to alleviating overhead costs and to break free from formal long term leases, the flexible office is an enticing alternative.

Flexible offices and coworking spaces cover major expenditures including furniture, technological infrastructure, concierge, mail services and learning and development events to name a few. In addition to alleviating the basic costs and headaches of running an office, the flexible office model provides shorter, more affordable leases where companies can expand and contract in volatile periods. 

The Future is Flexibility

For many employees, working from home has been a hit, allowing them to experience a greater work-life balance with flexi-hours, a relaxed atmosphere and avoidance of busy commute times. Although remote working has it’s pro’s, the honeymoon period soon wears off with increased isolation, workplace disconnect and competing priorities demanding your attention. 

Remote working has shown what’s possible and with efficiency comes with flexibility. 

With 87% of employees advocating for increased flexibility post-pandemic, businesses are re-examining their real estate strategy. Most are taking the approach of downsizing, and having people either in their head office or in a remote flexible office close to their homes as a solution for the demand for increased flexibility

With around the clock, multi-site access, flexible offices and coworking spaces merge the perks of office-life with working from home and provide employees with the option to design their own work schedule ultimately promoting a healthy work-life balance. 

As businesses emerge from the pandemic, flexible office space will provide a happy medium between single concept and remote work. Providing businesses the opportunity to resume business operations and focus on returning staff to work, private turnkey offices on flexible terms will be in high demand.

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