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CreativeCubes.Co Survey Member Results

Member Survey Says

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In my blog today I thought I'd share a recent survey we did amongst our member base. These are their responses in high volume to the benefits they’ve received and…
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Adapting to the Evolution of Commercial Real Estate

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In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate, recent developments at Lendlease have raised eyebrows and sparked conversations across the industry. The Australian Financial Review's recent report on Lendlease's plummeting…
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The Looming Crisis

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In the world of real estate, the once-reliable commercial office space is facing a tumultuous period. Asset owners are grappling with a stark reality: the traditional office model is becoming…
CreativeCubes.Co's Hospitality-Driven Commercial Real Estate: Redefining Productivity

Hospitality-Infused Commercial Real Estate

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Venturing into the dynamic landscape of coworking has revealed a significant transformation that disrupts the established norms of the industry. In my role at CreativeCubes.Co, Our identity goes beyond the…
CFOs Break Silence on Hybrid Work Strategies – Unveiling Key Findings! Professional insights on cost savings, team building, and talent attraction.

CFOs Break Silence On Hybrid Work Strategies

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In a dynamic business landscape, companies are redefining their approach to workspaces, turning to hybrid models that promise cost savings, team building, and talent attraction. Recent data from flexible workspace…
Coworking Hoteliers Asset Activation

Coworking Spaces Are Hoteliers (of office)

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Navigating the dynamic realm of coworking has unearthed a revelation that challenges conventional industry categorisations. As the CEO of CreativeCubes.Co, I find myself identifying what we do as a dynamic…
business success economic turmoil

Business Success in Economic Turmoil

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The RBA continues to go after consumer spending and is smashing mortgage owners with rate increases which directly apply continued pressure in today's ever-evolving business landscape. As a business adapting…
collaboration between landlords and flex operators in a modern workspace environment.

Symbiotic Relationship Between Landlords & Flex Office Operators

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In the landscape of modern work culture, the traditional concept of offices is evolving. The paradigm shift toward flexible and coworking spaces is not merely a real estate strategy but…
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A Journey from ‘RTO’ to the Office of Tomorrow

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In recent years, the term "RTO" may not have been a part of your everyday conversation, but it has taken centre stage as companies, both large and small, make a…
Flexible Office Space in Australia

Office Space: The Radical Transformation

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In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, the way organisations utilise office space is undergoing a profound transformation. The factors driving these changes in the size and type of space…
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The Mission-Critical Role of Flex in Commercial Real Estate

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In this blog post, I share the mission critical role of flexibility in commercial real etate, where flex spaces meet evolving tenant expectations because in today's rapidly changing landscape of…

Building Communities And The Loneliness Epidemic

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the places where we used to gather and build communities are slowly fading away. Those cosy coffee shops, bustling parks, and welcoming…
Australian Government Intergenerational Report

Australian Government Intergenerational Report

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The Australian Government released their latest Intergenerational Report, which is a 40-year outlook to the year 2063. While it may seem like a long way off for some people, it’s…
misconceptions about the Future of Work, including hybrid work, AI impacts, re-skilling, and employee wellbeing.

Future of Work Myths

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We’re facing some of the most challenging market conditions that organizations have had to operate in for some time. Leaders are trying to figure things out like hybrid working and…

Navigating Unprecedented Business Transformation

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We’re currently experiencing change at the fastest rate of change in history. But it’s also the slowest that we’ll experience for the rest of our lives. It’s exciting, but it…
Transforming Meeting Culture

From Bored to Boardroom

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Time is money. Productivity is paramount. *Insert other wanky Wall Street term here*.  When it comes to modern work, there’s a disease that is killing morale and productivity. And that…
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Australia’s Empty Offices

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The newspapers have been reporting record levels of office vacancies, while even social platforms like Instagram’s @TheAussieCorporate have followers spilling the tea on all the subleasing and empty desks in…
Concept of a four-day work week. Case studies, productivity benefits, legal challenges, and its impact on the Australian economy. Transforming work practices.

The Four-Day Work Week

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As remote working, alternative working hours and all things hybrid have become the norm, the four-day work week has been increasingly gaining attention around the world. This article delves into…
In-person engagement Workplace interactions

The Magic of In-Person Engagement

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In today's fast-paced work environment, vibrant office spaces have emerged as the epicentre of in-person engagement, collaboration and camaraderie for teams. The enchanting allure of coming together in a flexible,…
future of work by creativecubes.co

Future of Work Advisory Practice

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Flex office & coworking operator CreativeCubes.Co, has made the bold move to expand their offering.Spearheading the new venture is Dr Ben Hamer, who has moved over from the role of…