Employees and businesses throughout Australia had a rapid and intense introduction to working from home. While it’s had its benefits, many are feeling the disadvantages seven months in.

With the return to the office on the horizon, businesses are investigating the perfect balance between the traditional office and the increased demand of flexibility from employees in the post-COVID workplace. 

The Alternative Between The Traditional and Home Office

As the pandemic has reset major work traditions, business leaders are rethinking how the office is utilised as well as workforce planning and experience strategies.

Businesses will always need a secure physical space for their employees to come together. Whether it be for market presence, meetings or simply a touchpoint of connection and collaboration, employers are looking to coworking and flexible office providers to bridge the gap between the traditional office and remote work.

The coworking model is one based on flexibility, community, collaboration, accessibility and sustainability. These values transcend a physical space and facilitate an atmosphere in which SME’s, the self employed and freelancers feel supported and connected which is important now more than ever.

Offering an arrangement of flexible memberships for offices, desks and meeting spaces, flex office spaces provide businesses the freedom to expand and contract in busy or volatile periods. Additionally, these spaces provide employees an alternative to escape from the distractions and feelings of isolation the home office can trigger.

Finding The Right Balance

The health and safety of employees will be a guiding principle in businesses’ return to work plan. For many leaders, it poses a monumental task of adjusting and implementing procedures and operations in the office to create a secure and safe workplace post-COVID. The real solution will be finding the right balance between what employees feel safe and comfortable with.

Coworking and flexible office spaces provide the perfect opportunities to balance the uncertainties of the current climate in a safe manner. It is a natural element in the flexible office industry to evolve strategies and adapt as the world develops and as such, coworking spaces function to maintain the highest quality of safety for members and staff while tightly adhering to all government regulations.

Coworking and flexible office spaces provide businesses and employees with the facilities and opportunities to confidently return to work feeling safe and supported. By providing the flexibility, facilities and opportunities to encourage the growth of a business, the flexible office offers the perfect balance between remote work and the traditional office with a sense of community, inspiration and values.

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